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Our B.A.A.K. Poker Run, was the result of a rash of child abuse cases throughout Southwest Louisiana in 2008 and 2009. For some unknown reason, more and more news headlines featured the results of battered and abused kids.

A casual conversation about a 1 year old child that lost his life due to parental abuse developed in what we hope to be a growing fundraiser for the unfortunate abused children of Southwest Louisiana.

All proceeds from this event go entirely for the battered and abused kids of our area and all monies raised stays in Southwest Louisiana in an effort to offset the budget cuts that have been imposed. All proceeds are directed to the kids themselves and not to any administrative expenses.

With your help we can do more for these kids in an effort to help them know that there are adults that do care and want to help them develope into successful teens and adults. If we can touch just one life then we feel that all the work put forth on this fund raiser will be worth the time, effort and sacrifices that everyone has made to put this project together.

We invite you to join us in making a difference in these kids lives.

Bob Redmon, B.A.A.K. Founder
B.A.A.K. of SWLA
(Benefiting Area At-risk Kids)